RISE4 Students

RISE 4 Year 4

Doctoral Students



Doctoral Students (Degree Complete)

  • Daniel Ramirez-Gordillo (PhD 2015) Biology. mentor: Dr. Elba Serrano
  • Gizelle Hurtado, (PhD 2017)  Biology, mentor: Dr. Karen Mabry
  • Amy Nava (UTEP PhD transfer) Biology, mentor: Dr. Michele Nishiguchi

Doctoral Students (Degree in progress, transition to other support)

  • Jessica Jackson, Counseling and Educational Psychology, mentor: Dr. Anna Lopez
  • Erika Monroy, Chemistry, mentor: Dr. William Maio
  • Amy Nava (transfer to PhD UTEP, 2016) Biology, mentor: Dr. Michele Nishiguchi
  • Jamey Rislin, Counseling and Educational Psychology, mentor: Dr. Ivelisse Torres Fernandez
  • Jesus “Jesse” Sambrano Jr., Chemical Engineering, mentor: Dr. Jessica Houston

Master’s Students (Degree complete, PhD in progress)

  • Kelly Laje, MS (2016) Plant and Environmental Sciences, mentor: Dr. Omar Holguin
    • Current PhD Student, NMSU
  • Megan Stamey McAlvain MS (2016), Anthropology, mentor: Dr. Mary Alice Scott
    • Current PhD Student, University of Connecticut

Master’s Students (Terminal degree)

  • Laura Salguero (MS 2015) Mechanical Engineering, mentor Dr. Igor Sevastianov
  • Victor Abravanel, Biology, mentor: Dr. Graciela Unguez

** Undergraduate Students are not supported by RISE 4**