Team Mentoring for Future Faculty

The Team Mentoring for Future Faculty component of the RISE program is designed to help RISE and other doctoral students progress professionally by getting the information you need and by establishing enduring relationships with peers and with a mentor.  Team Mentoring for Future Faculty will reduce isolation and increase connection by building a true cohort of protégés and helping students connect with some of the most supportive faculty across campus.  The program supports up to 20 protégés, who volunteer to participate.  Throughout the fall and spring semesters, protégés meet monthly with
one of the cohorts led by biology professor and RISE co-PI, Graciela Unguez.

Protégés will also read a book, A Ph.D. is Not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science, by Peter Feibelman, a successful physicist.  His messages are very relevant to those in and out of the sciences.

Topics to be discussed include:
• Networking
• Professional talks
• Getting published
• Getting funding
• Getting jobs/postdocs

See our calendar for the workshop schedule.