The NMSU MBRS-RISE to the Postdoctorate program aspires to augment the interest, skills, and competitiveness of graduate students in pursuit of biomedical and biobehavioral research careers. The long term goal of our program is to increase the number of students who achieve a doctoral (PhD) degree in a biomedical and biobehavioral disciplines.

Our program emphasizes student academic achievement, professional development, and research training under the supervision of expert faculty mentors. Currently, NMSU faculty representing three colleges and nine departments serve as research mentors for students in the NMSU RISE to Excellence Program. In addition to research mentors, academic mentors provide support and training for developmental activities that enhance student academic achievement.

NMSU RISE Scholars benefit from professional development activities designed to enable student success in doctoral and postdoctoral programs. Activities include professional and academic skills enhancement workshops, research experiences at off-campus laboratories, education in responsible conduct in research, and travel to present at scientific conferences.