Erika Monroy

       Mentor: Dr. William Maio
  RISE Scholar since: Fall 2012



  • Ph.D. Chemistry, New Mexico State University, Expected 2018
  • B.S. Biological Sciences, University of Texas El Paso, 2012
  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Texas El Paso, 2012
Research Interests:

  • My research interest lies in the development of new synthetic methods that can be applied in synthesizing biologically active natural products. The most exciting part of natural product synthesis is that it has helped impact modern-day drug design as well as being a tool to observe intricate biological systems, which indirectly results in a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I am also focuses on developing an asymmetrical synthetic route of secondary metabolites from marine organism which possess interesting molecular architecture and biological activity..
Teaching Experience and Interests:

  • Teaching organic chemistry can be very challenging and one of the biggest hurdles for students due to the complexity of the subject matter. Effectively teaching chemistry to an undergraduate not only requires mastery of the material, but also understanding the students and the different ways they learn. Over the course of my graduate experience I have trained and mentored undergraduate students and also been a teaching assistant for organic chemistry laboratory.

  • My long term goal is to apply my knowledge of organic chemistry in a career whose focus is in solving world health issues, likely in a NIH setting. I believe that the career path that I have chosen enables me to fulfill my desire to help others and expand my knowledge, as well as share the knowledge that I have obtained to the next generation of biomedical and biobehavioral scientists..
Research Abstracts:

  • Hansen, I. A.; Rodriguez, S. D.; Drake, L. L.; Price, D. P.; Blakely, B. N.; Hammond, J. I.; Tsujimoto, H.; Monroy, E. Y.; Maio, W. A.; Romero, A. “The Odorant Receptor Co-Receptor from the Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius L” PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(11), e113692
  • Ashmus, R. A.; Schocker, N. S.; Cordero, Y.; Marques, A. F.; Monroy, E. Y.; Pardo, A.; Izquierdo, L. S.; Gallego, M.; Gascon, J.; Almeida I. C.; Michael, K. “Potential Use of Synthetic Alpha-Galactosyl-Containing Glycotopes of the Parasite Trypanosoma cruzi as New Diagnostic Biomarkers for Chagas Disease” Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2013, 11, 5579–5583
  • Monroy, E. Y.; Maio, W. A. “Synthetic Approach Towards Calcaripeptide A-C” 2015 Graduate Research and Arts Symposium, Las Cruces, NM

  • Chemistry & Biochemistry John J. Monagle Graduate Research Award
  • Frederick & Eileen Coulston Graduate Award
Service activities:

  • Chemistry Olympiad
  • College Assistance Migrant Peer Graduate Mentorship Program
  • Southwestern New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair Junior Judge