Jessica Jackson

   jessicajackson    Mentor: Dr. Ivelisse Torres Fernandez
  RISE Scholar since: Fall 2012

  • Ph.D. Counselling Psychology, New Mexico State University, Expected 2018
  • M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, George Washington University, 2011
  • B.A. Psychology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 2007
Research Interests:

  • As a burgeoning researcher, I have begun to focus on engaging in research that explores the psychological and health consequences of racism and discrimination. The general biomedical research area that I am most interested is in better understanding the internalization of racism and discrimination and the impact that this internalization has on the health of people of color, specifically race related stress. As I began to conceptualize my dissertation, exploring the impact and implication of race related stress, I become more cognizant of how I can include racial/ethnic minority communities in the implementation of the research. Thus, communicating the results in such a way as to be relevant and heard within these communities.
Teaching Experience and Interests:

  • My role as a teacher is to provide students with a nurturing and personal development growth experience. It is my desire to establish clear goals with my students and assist them with taking learning step by step. One of my passions is connecting with others and helping them uncover and showcase their strengths and gifts. I do not just want to have a career as a professor, but I want to play a part in the enrichment of the lives of others. I personally believe “what good is it to gain knowledge, if there is no plan to share it?” I want all of my students to understand that everyone has the inherent capability to learn. I am very committed to providing safe spaces for my students to not only learn but to progressively strengthen the tools they already possess and become passionate about learning in the process.

  • My developing cultural and social identities self-awareness has been the catalyst to refining my clinical and research interests. As a psychologist and a researcher, I am interested in better understanding how commonplace racism and discrimination influence health and how I can be of service in helping to mitigate its effects. My clinical and research interests, training and career goals are heavily tied to my social and cultural identity. I plan to dedicate my career to helping to helping give meaning and voice to the unique lived experiences of racial/ethnic minorities. My eventual career goal is to develop a treatment intervention that aims to reduce the physiological effects of racism, expanding on the racial/ethnic research I have engaged in thus far. To reach this goal, I will continue to seek research opportunities that allow me to examine and explore the lived experiences of people of color as well as clinical experiences that will prepare me to competently work with these communities.
Research Publications:

  • Richmond, A., Jackson, J. (2016, June 27). Cultural Considerations for Psychologist Practicing in Integrated Healthcare Settings [Webinar]. Sponsored by the Association of Psychologist in Academic Health Centers Task Force on Disparities & Diversity.
  • Jackson, J., Lopez, S., Klomhaus, A., Comulada, S., Bath, E., Amani, B., Young-Brinn, A., Milburn, N. (2016, October). An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Parental Bonding and Problem Behavior Among Re-entry Youth. Poster accepted for the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2016, New York, NY.
  • Jackson, J. (2016, September). Race Related Stress: A Unique Stressor for African American Athletes? Poster accepted for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, 2016, Phoenix, AZ

  • Dr. Peggy Glaister Kaczmarek Counseling Endowed Scholarship, New Mexico State University
Service activities:

  • American Psychological Association Division 45 Student Liaison
  • CEP 199 Mentor for 1st generation college freshmen, New Mexico State University
  • Counseling Psychology Training Committee Student Member, New Mexico State University