Michael Canton

  Mentor: Pending
  RISE Scholar since: Spring 2017

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  • Ph.D.New Mexico State University, Expected 2021
  • B.S. New Mexico State University 2016
  • B.S. University of Rhode Island, 2014
Research Interests:

  • My interests are quite diverse and include studying wildlife science and environmental management, fisheries management, ecology, biology, and chemistry. One of my interests has always been to improve natural resource management and mitigate unnecessary and detrimental anthropogenic influences. Specifically, my interests entail not only maintaining environmental health, but also convalescing environmental health, increasing productivity, and enhancing environmental regulations while concomitantly improving society. The notion that proper environmental regulation leads to costly investments may gradually disappear as technology and conceptual understanding improve. In addition, society can benefit not only by protecting such resources, but also by studying them in order to solve the major problems of today. Such problems include the need for increasingly effective medications to treat viral diseases, infections, cancer, and degenerative diseases. Earth has a diverse assortment of organisms from which we can explore innumerable biomedical uses, whether it is through biomimicry or by better understanding the biochemistry and compounds produced within organisms and their cells.
Teaching Experience and Interests:

  • Ever since I was young, I enjoyed helping fellow students with course material, especially in biology and chemistry. I personally have a strong passion for teaching and few things can match the enjoyment I receive from instructing students. Nothing is more enjoyable than enlightening young minds. In terms of my experience, I have taught Aquatic Ecology with class, field, and lab components for a semester. In this class, students learned field sampling techniques, laboratory analytical methods, and important classroom concepts. I have also served as the TA for “Introduction to Natural Resources” and “Management of Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems”. One of my goals, however, is to gain a few years more teaching experience during the course of my doctorate. This is critically important as many jobs require a few years of experience to even apply to the position.

  • As of now, I have completed my master’s degree and learned a variety of important skills and techniques to pursue a doctorate. In the future, one of my career goals is to teach at a college and continue my various research studies, especially the exploration of algae for biomedical applications. The compounds derived from algae are poorly studied, similarly to how plants in the Amazon and other large pristine areas are scarcely studied. The chance to further research in such an area for the benefit of humankind is immensely exciting. Therefore, I hope to extend my research by potentially working with the (National Institute of Health) NIH, National Cancer Institute (NCI), and related labs. I am confident that I could bring a strong chemical and biological background to any future university or group I work with.
Research Abstracts:

  • “Alkaloid Gramine as a Model for Allelopathy: Algae Inhibition and Removal” ASLO Presentation
  • “Dam Removal and its Effect on the Restoration of Diadromous Species and Ecosystem Services” Presentation
  • “Decomposition of Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus Carcasses: Temperature Effects, Nutrient Dynamics, and Implications for Stream Food Webs.” Co-Author

  • NMSU Top 5% Graduate
  • NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship
  • USDA SAFE Grant
Service activities:

  • St. Gregory’s Church Community Service
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • NMSU Fencing Team