Mini-Grant Application


RISE5 Mini-grants for Independent Interdisciplinary Research Projects Program is designed in the framework of Student Developmental Activity “Bioscience TRAIN” (Team Research And INnovations)”. Each RISE student is encouraged to establish an interdepartmental research team involving graduate students (MS or PhD level) from other departments that may or may not be supported by RISE5 to 1) explore a unique multidisciplinary approach to a biomedical/bioengineering challenge and/or 2) develop data that may lead to future collaborative research. Mentors are encouraged to be involved in the process of team formation. Research teams are invited to apply for financial support of mini grants that cover materials and supplies. The maximal amount to be requested is $1000. Four independent interdisciplinary research projects will be supported during 2019-2020 academic year. The decision will be made by the Interdisciplinary Panel chaired by one of the RISE5 MPIs and formed by representatives of The Advisory board and mentors.

Submit application:
Due Date: October 21, 2019 by 5 PM



Application Requirements and Format:

This is a one-time competitive award to interdisciplinary research teams lead by a RISE5 student. Funds are provided by RISE5 Program. Project funding is for one semester.
Maximal amount of award is $1000.00


(3 single-spaced pages – Appendix Forms not included in page count)

  • Cover Page – Please use the Cover Page Form in the Appendix
  • Project Summary – Use Project Summary Form in the Appendix The project summary (also called abstract) must be 250 words or less. It should concisely describe the proposed project, describing the objectives, key features, and proposed outcomes, and providing a timetable for project implementation. Write in general terms, understandable by a non-expert in the field.
  • Project Narrative. The project narrative must be limited to three (3) single-spaced pages. Typical subsections of the narrative should include in the order listed, the following:
  1. a) Introduction. Indicate the technical or scientific problem to be addressed. Discuss the degree to which the application builds core biomedical/bioengineering challenges.
  2. b) Objectives of the Project. Scientific, technical objectives should be concisely delineated.
  3. c) Key Personnel. Attach a one-page Vitae for each team member indicating his/her topic of MS or PhD dissertation. (These vitae are not included in page totals listed above.)
  • Budget and Budget Justification (not included in page count)

Reviewers cannot be experts in all sub-fields. Avoid technical “jargon” as much as possible and write at a level for the average scientist/engineer.

  • Reporting requirements. You will be required to submit the final report during the following semester.