Professor Igor Sevostianov’s Post-doctorate program funded by the NIH for $3.3 million

Professor Igor Sevostianov, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: mechanical engineering and transports

Sevostianov’s research interests are in the quantitative characterization of microstructures of non-homogeneous materials, microstructure-properties relationships, and connections between different physical properties. His research has important implications in additive manufacturing, radiation damage control, development of new materials for bone implants, etc.

Sevostianov is currently Director of NMSU RISE to the Post-doctorate Program funded by the National Institutes of Health for $3.3 million (2018-2022), PI in four grants funded by NASA, NSF, and USDA (with total amount of more than $1.5 million of extramural funding) and co-PI in several other projects.

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