Experimental Tools

The following equipment and software provided to the University by the RISE grant are available for use by researchers, both faculty and students.  If you use these resources, please DO NOT acknowledge the grant unless you are a RISE Scholar.

Equipment on this list is used in RISE workshops and is available for priority access by RISE students in compliance with the requirements for safety and usage established by the responsible oversight faculty/staff. To access equipment send an email to the contact person.


Purpose Item Location/Access
Basic cellular research Cell and Organism Core Facility (COCF): a restricted BSL2 laboratory and equipment for exclusively growing and culturing cells in a contamination free area Biology Annex Rm. 106
Contact: Kevin Houston
Confocal imaging Confocal stage incubator, HyD detector, and notch filters on the Leica TCS SP5 II CURRL Facility
Skeen Rm. W159
Contact: Peter Cook
SEM and AFM Sample Preparation Automated Critical Point Drying Apparatus (Tousimis) CURRL Facility
Skeen Hall
Contact: Peter Cook
Poster Printing Large format printer Biology Stockroom
Foster Hall
Contact: Gloria Franke
Epifluorescent Imaging Coolsnap MYO digital black and white camera system Foster Hall Rm. 450 Contact: Elba Serrano
Transmission Electron Microscopy Mid-column mount TEM camera to capture images from the Hitachi H-7650 CURRL Facility
Skeen Hall
Contact: Dr. Peter Cook
TEM Sample Preparation Freeze-substitution kit and ultramicrotome segment arc accessory CURRL Facility
Skeen Hall
Contact: Peter Cook
Protein purification AKTA pure L (base unit) FPLC Protein purification system; UNICORN 6.3.2 workstation (computer + software to drive the AKTA); column valve; outlet valve kit; Fraction Collector F9-R; refrigerated cabinet Chemistry W364
Contact: Dr. Erik Yukl

Software is available for download to the research computers of current and former RISE students and mentors. To initiate the access process, send a request from your NMSU email address to bleu@nmsu.edu. Some equipment is available on select campus computer clusters for open access by all the NMSU research community.


Purpose Item Location/Access
Statistical analysis JMP Pro 11.1 Available for download here if you are on campus or using the VPN
Biological statistical analysis JMP Genomics TBD
Statistical analysis SAS 9.4 TBD
3D graphic reconstruction Amira-FEI CURRL Facility, Skeen W160
Image analysis and quantification Metamorph CURRL Facility, Skeen W160