History of RISE

History of RISE at NMSU

New Mexico State University is a RISE-eligible Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Of the over 300 HSIs in the continental United States, less than a dozen offer doctoral degrees—this includes NMSU. As a Carnegie Research University with high research activity (RU/H), NMSU is an HSI that is uniquely positioned to contribute to the NIH RISE mandate.

The NMSU RISE program has been funded by the National Institutes of Health since 2000 and is now and now in its fifth grant cycle. Over the past seventeen years, NMSU RISE has fostered and supported (these numbers last updated fall 2018):

  • Over 301 RISE Scholars
  • 305 NMSU degrees plus 51 that are in progress, including
    • 203 BS degrees plus 40 that are in progress
    • 56 MS degrees plus 4 that are in progress
    • 43 PhD degrees plus 7 that are in progress
  • Over 90% degree completion by RISE Scholars
  • Over 147 student-authored publications
  • Successful entry by [# of students] to graduate and postdoctoral positions in RU/VH universities (research universities with very high research activity)

Although for the first three grant cycles the program supported undergraduate students, RISE now focuses solely on graduate students to address the significant drop by underrepresented groups in degree attainment from bachelors to masters and doctoral degrees.


NMSU STEM program takes new direction

New Mexico State University’s RISE to the Post doctorate Program has generated nearly two decades of success is expanding. The RISE 5 program, recently renewed by the NIH will engage NMSU students in integrated biology and engineering research.