Start Up

(Student Training & Research through United Partnerships)


Objectives: STARTUP is a new research education activity developed for the RISE to the Postdoctorate Program.  STARTUP aims to accelerate RISE graduate student career progression and promote retention in the biomedical research pipeline by:
1) Embedding graduate students in partner laboratories at RU/VH institutions (research universities with very high research activity) for intensive research experiences
2) Increasing the scientific toolkit in cutting edge research approaches such as computational analysis and analytical/quantitative research  methods
3) Providing knowledge about alternate career paths and global science
The STARTUP Workshop Series:   STARTUP Workshops strengthen participants’ scientific toolkit by introducing them to cutting edge research approaches such as computational analysis and analytical, quantitative, and qualitative research methods.  Experts give students hands-on experience working with such tools in one to five-day workshops.  These presentations are usually held in the spring or summer. Click here for descriptions of our workshops.
The STARTUP Symposia & Seminar Series:  STARTUP Symposia introduce participants to alternate science-related career paths as well as current work in global science.  RISE brings experts from around the country to the NMSU campus to talk to and engage with students.  These presentations are also open to the public and are usually held in the spring or summer. 
Connectome: The founding STARTUP network comprises Baylor University, Harvard University, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan Medical School, University of Colorado Denver, University of California San Diego, University of New Mexico, University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, University of Texas Health Science Center, and University of Texas Southwestern-Dallas.
Institutional Impact: STARTUP workshops, lectures, resources, symposia, and courses are open to non-RISE participants on a space available basis.
STARTUP Leadership Team:
Michele Nishiguchi, Regents Professor-Biology, RISE MPI
Igor Sevostianov, Professor-Mechanical Engineering, RISE MPI
Lakshmi Reddi, Dean-Engineering College, RISE Co-PI
Kathryn Hanley, Professor-Biology (Alternative Careers)
Vanessa Fisher, Program Specialist