G-RISE Activities

(Student Training & Research through United Partnerships)


Objectives: START-UP includes one of the major components of G-RISE in which workshops and activities are offered to trainees. The objectives of these activities are to: (1) increase student self-efficacy, (2) inform mentors on issues related
to the diversity-innovation paradox and microagressions, and (3) provide guidance on leadership development
plans for trainees.
START-UP-self-efficacy & metacognition: Activities take place in which trainees and mentors learn and discuss self-efficacy and metacognition as it relates to science and minoritized students. Discussions, panels, and guest speakers will introduce the concept of social self-efficacy as well as
adapted models that describe how minority students integrate into the STEM community.
START-UP-mentoring: Activities will be included to help trainees and mentors develop mentoring skills and engage in formal training. Activities might be in the form of a 1-hr panel, a 2-hr discussion with activities, a seminar with a guest speaker, or a mini-lecture. These will be periodic and will be led by mentoring experts who will draw on their respective networks as well as NMSU resources.
START-UP- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Academia: Elective activities that introduce both trainees and
mentors to microaggressions will be planned. An example might be a mini book club in which chapters out of Microagressions in Everyday Life, by Derald Sue.
START-UP-leadership: Leadership activities will be included that focus on the development of leadership skills in interdisciplinary environments to include (1) fundamentals of interdisciplinary teamwork, and (2)
individual and team leadership; and (3) leadership development plans. An activity might involve surveys
on leadership, preparing an abbreviated leadership development plan, and discussions on strong
leaders and the qualities of a leader.
STARTUP Leadership Team:
Jessica P. Houston, Professor-Chemical & Material Engineering, RISE Co-I
Charles Shuster, Professor-Biology RISE Co-I
Vanessa Fisher, Program Coordinator