Responsible Conduct in Research


NMSU G-RISE Trainees are required to complete training in the nine instructional areas identified by the Office of Research Integrity as comprising Responsible Conduct in Research.
Trainees should work with their mentors to develop the plan for their RCR training. The ORI online publication provides a comprehensive introduction to RCR. The plan should be filed with the G-RISE program office within the first 3 months of the G-RISE appointment and should address how each of the nine areas will be covered. Training should be completed within the first year of G-RISE participation. Updated plans should be submitted every three years to ensure that RCR coverage is current. The G-RISE Program office is available to assist in plan development.
G-RISE Trainees whose research requires IRB or IACUC approval must complete all required training before initiating research with human participants or animal subjects. Students should submit a copy of their certification to the RISE office immediately upon satisfactory completion of training.
ALL G-RISE Trainees must complete the NIH Office of Extramural Research online tutorial Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP). Certificates of completion must be submitted to the RISE office within three months of joining the RISE Program.

NMSU Policies

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